There was no lack of action on Tuesday’s mid-range exotics special of the Golden Eagle from Belmar. The Golden Eagle wad more success in getting yellowfin tuna into the boat than during previous trips with 14 caught while over 30 were lost. The tuna ranged from 40 to 65 pounds, and were hooked on both bait and jigs.

I can understand the losses as it was hard enough Sunday for just three anglers on a 32-foot center console to prevent tangles or untangle those that occurred when multiples were hooked. We only lost one, but I can imagine what a mess that is on a party boat where fares are often using tackle too light to control big fish alongside. Another such trip is being planned by the Golden Eagle.

Paul Haertel was also there for the hot Sunday bite. The long-time JCAA official said they had nine yellowfins up to 65 pounds on his center console. Despite the large number of boats over 70 miles offshore on Sunday, they were spread out in small clusters as everyone seemed to be catching and there was reason to gang up.

Though the forecast for today was only northwest at 10-15 knots, fluke pro Dave Lilly said he couldn’t keep his cap on, and wasn’t able to hold bottom at the Mud Buoy. He ended up with a boat limit at the Rattlesnake, but could barely hold even in shallower depths in a wind he estimated at 30 knots. All of that was worthwhile when he boated a 28 1/2-inch fluke that went 9 pounds on his Boga Grip. Best of all, Dave hoked that big fluke on a frozen snapper that his granddaughter Maddie caught for him to use for bait.

Hopefully, NOAA will be more accurate with tomorrow’s forecast of southwest winds of 5-10 knots before increasing to 10-15 with gusts to 20 knots in the afternoon when showers and thunderstorms are possible.

The Golden Eagle was back to inshore variety today, and reported good action with bluefish up to 6 pounds plus some sea bass and fluke.

The Queen Mary from Point Pleasant found some bluefin tuna Tuesday. Some anglers limited on blues before they headed out for little tunny and tuna that included a 35-pounder. They also lost a few tuna and released shorts. Both king and Spanish mackerel have been caught on recent trips.

The Jamaica from Brielle did well with blues today along with lots of chub mackerel plus a few bonito, little tunny, sea bass and fluke. Mike Madsen of Grand River, Michigan won the pool with a 9-pound little tunny.

Capt. Ron Santee Jr. has been getting into the best large fluke action of the season with his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands, but that often requires heavy sinkers. Thus, he figured it’s time for his fall, “Bring a heavier action rod” speech — Something that can handle 8-10 ounces and I don’t mean an Ugly stick that bends in half to the 4th guide with the weight, while you are telling me how many fish you caught with that rod!!  You will loose rigs galore as we can’t bounce the sinkers out of the rocks with light tackle….You have been warned once again!

Capt. Rob Semkewyc, of the Sea Hunter at that port said the last two days haven’t been up to par due to very fast drifts. Some keepers are caught, but he’s looking forward to better drifting conditions tomorrow.

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