Capt. Arthur Stokes was aboard a big boat Sunday morning when the generator was lost and they decided not to go way out to the yellowfin grounds. Stokes felt confident he could troll a bluefin not far from shore, and worked from Scotland to Shrewsbury Rocks with horse balao on a Tom Novak head to do just that with a 63-incher boated.

Apparently there have been many bluefins spotted. Capt. Chris Di Stefano got a report of boaters casting to fish that were in the 63-inch class at the Rattlesnake though they wouldn’t hit. It appeared that they were feeding on the abundant bunkers.

Party boats have also mentioned bluefins, though I I suspect they’re talking about much smaller tuna. The Jamaica from Brielle is making a limited trip at 6:30 a.m. Friday to seek them along with little tunny, bonito and bigger blues plus Spanish mackerel and dolphin. Call 732 528-5014.

At Belmar, the Golden Eagle noted good weekend fishing with bigger blues plus sea bass, large porgies and little tunny. Yesterday started slower, but they went into overtime to do well with the same species and bluefin tuna — though no sizes were specified.

Fluking has also been very good. Parker Pete reported on Facebook that Monday’s catch included 10 fluke from 6 to 9.6 pounds.

At Atlantic Highlands, the Fishermen got into larger fluke Monday when Sal Celcesco boated a 29 1/2-inch 9.6-pounder plus a 6.13 and a 4.5.

Scott Leadbeater ran his Aquasport off to Sandy Hook Reef on Saturday to boat his personal best 28 1/2-inch 7.2-pound fluke.

Dr. Pat Donnelly is one of the few who catches fluke limits consistently from his Shanakee out of Manasquan Inlet, but last weekend was outstanding even by his standards. The Brielle dentist’s crew limited Friday up to 7.8 and 6.4 pounds; again on Saturday to 9.7 and 7.5 pounds; and on Sunday up to Joe Martz’s personal best of 6.4 pounds.

The great weather continues tomorrow with a forecast of northwest winds at 10-15 knots.

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