Maryland striper Index way below average

Though up slightly from last year at just 3.2, Maryland’s striped bass young of the year index is far below the long term average of 11.4 and offers little hope for a big improvement in striper stocks.

Yet, there have been some great reports of big bass in the harbor area where Dave Lilly said he couldn’t find a keeper while drifting eels on Friday as they were all too big . A 49-incher pulled his scale to 44 pounds before release.

Chuck Many also had all big bass yesterday on his Tyman from Highlands.

At Belmar, the Golden Eagle was in bunker schools today and had striper readings on its fishfinder, but couldn’t get them to hit any lure or live bunkers.

Bob Matthews at Fisherman’s Den reports Miss Belmar Princess boated its first fall striper yesterday.

Get back to you all soon

A note from the Captain’s daughter:

The Captain has been busy sorting through 35+ years of fishing memories as he and my mother prepare to sell my childhood home. He will be getting back to giving you all the latest updates as soon as he is settled and has his computer back up and running. Until then, tight lines and best of luck outwitting the creatures of the sea with brains the size of peas!

A blowout day for most

Small craft warnings are still up as east winds continue to gust into Monday before we get a break later in the week. Of course, that didn’t stop Chuck Many in his pursuit of harbor stripers even in poor conditions yesterday.The photo i copied didn’t gome up.

Small craft advisory up through late Monday afternoon

The weekend blowout continues with east wunds gusting to 30 knots tomorrow and and staying in effect through late Monday afternoon.

That didn’t bother the boaters at Morgan Marina this afternoon as they were celebrating that marina’s 60th year. Capt. Joe Massa of My Three Sons was winding down after a great yellowfin tuna trip out of Shinnecock on his friend A.J.’s boat to the Coimbra wreck. They didn’t have a hit until 11 when they chunked them up behind a dragger for non-stop action.

Chuck Many is back from S.C. and into stripers on his Tyman from Highlands as he found them in sll his usual harbor spots yesterday evening.

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Selling N.J. house — weightlifting set and office furniture at no charge over weekend


I’m cleaning up my home prior to putting it up for sale this week. The furniture in my office is available at no charge, as is a weightlifting set with bench that I trained with in high school to build myself up from a 100-pound weakling to the Long Island lightweight title in 1954 and a lifetime of fighting big game fish. My son Mike added the bench and he became an Ironman — so there are good vibes

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The N.J. sea bass season opened in fine weather. but there’s a small craft advisory up through Sunday after adternoon for a northeast blow. Party boats such as the Big Mohawk have already cancelled for two days.

The addess is 1552 Osprey Ct., Manasquan Park. Please call me at732 757-5531

The address is 1552 Osprey Ct., Manasquan

NJ sea bass opens tomorrow in fine weather

NJ anglers have been waiting for the sea bass season to reopen, and that’s on for tomorrow. Best of all the wind forecast is only 5 knots before a northeast blow on Saturday.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar only picked at 3-8-pound blues on jigs this norning before heading off to chum up chub mackerel plus some smaller blues. They will start with blues before switching to sea bass.

Mike Koblan trolled Manasquan Ridge yesterday with Christian Murray on his Tracey Lee as they released 10 little tunny on sidevtrackers and also a bluefin tuna that was only an inch short.

Vinny D’Anton reported schools of bunkers everywhere in the Monmouth County surf this morning thouhgh there were no fish on them.

Tuna hitting inshore & offshore

There weren’t many reports today. but two good ones concerned tuna,

Hans Kaspersetz fished aboaed Waterproof as they loaded the dock with canyon tunas; and N.Y. striper pro Joe Balzamo put his crew on another big Rockaways bluefin tuna.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar had a boat limit of 3- to 8-pound bluefish today plus some little tunny.

Powerful current slows porgy fishing

Capt. Ron Santee had a real

on porgies during Monday’s trip with his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands, but it was a different story today as a strong current never backed off and porgy bites were few. As a result, Santee is taking tomorrow off.

Vinny D’Anton said the big blues didn;t return to northern N.J. beaches this morning, and a rough surf made it impossible to fish his Chug Bug, so he switched to and fleas and released three small stripers.

Max Koblan (9) of Manasquan Park was casting from a dock on Manasquan River last night when he caught multiple small blues casting a small Rapala.

The forecast is for northeast winds at 5-10 knots..

Change to north winds

After many days of west or northwest winds. there’s a change coming after midnight with a switch to north at 5 knots but with higher gusts and a liklihood of showers.. This may actually imptove surfcasting for stripers which was still poor this morning when Vinny D’Anton tried casting at Spring Lake. Yet, he ended up with a good morning after getting a report of breaking fish well off Monmouth Beach. When he arrived there were bay anchovies littering the beach, indicating the blues had driven them up. After some time, the 8-12-pound choppers moved in again and attacked big poppers cast to them. Where will they be tomorrow?