As noted in last night’s blog, Dave Lilly boated a 9-pound, 28 1/2-inch fluke at the Rattlesnake that was special because it hit a frozen snapper that his granddaughter Maddie had caught for him — and also because of its unique shape. As you’ll see, it was almost circular — and the oddest shaped that fluke pro has ever seen

Fluking conditions were better today. Capt. Ron Santee Jr. of the Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands said the calm ocean was a big improvement over yesterday’s butt-kicking. The best action was on the change of the tide when it was solid for an hour as many limits up to 5.6 pounds were caught.

Also at that port, Capt. Rob Semkewyc had a similar report on his Sea Hunter.

It’s looking good again for tomorrow as the forecast is for west winds at 10 knots — going to southwest in the afternoon.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported super bluefishing today along with some bonito and little tunny plus a few houndfish, king and Spanish mackerel — and uncountable chub mackerel.

The Queen Mary from Point Pleasant had posted a report about bluefin tuna with Tuesday’s date, but now notes a successful trip with yellowfin tuna up to 75 pounds that day. Today was very good inshore with “tons” of blues and even a cobia.



  1. Al Ristori I have long followed your fishing column even back when you wrote for the Ledger. For years we docked our boat (30 ft Pacemaker) at Atlantic Highland Marina and then in Brielle, fishing for everything from April through November every weekend until we sold the boat. It has been years since I have been out fishing. My grandson, now 7, has asked me to go fishing. Can you suggest any 1/2 day boats in the Highlands area that you think would be good first time experience for him? I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Drew Diedalis


  2. The Sea Tiger and Atlantic Star run half-day fluke trips from Atlantic Highlands, and should fit the bill. Make sure you pick a calm day as the only decent fluking has been in the ocean rather than protected Sandy Hook Bay.


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