The joy of boating a big money blue marlin was turned to regret last night when the crew of Shark Byte found that their 791-pound blue was disqualified due to, ironically, a shark bite.

Apparently, that occurred with the marlin alongside, but a witness noted that about a 10-pound chunk was bitten away. The rules of the contest follow those of the IGFA in prohibiting mutilated fish from being accepted. That probably had nothing to do with the great catch, but the rules seemingly left the judges with no choice in the matter.

Relatively small bluefins won at the recent White Marlin Open as the bigeyes which normally would blow them away couldn’t be located even by bigeye specialists such as Mike Yocco’s MJ’S. They made up for that yesterday by weighing a 189-pound bigeye that completely dominates the tuna division so far over the many 40-to-60-pound yellowfins weighed in yesterday. Wrecker is in second with a 63-pounder. Canyon Runner from Point Pleasant, another bigeye specialist, was the last boat at the scales, though they too only had yellowfins topped by a 51-pounder. Blue Runner from Manasquan, a big money tuna winner with a bluefin at the WMO, had weighed in earlier with yellowfins up to 60 pounds.

Monday’s 6-pound dolphin didn’t last long even though there were no large dolphin weighed. Christine Marie leads at 33 pounds, by one pound over No Quarter,

As noted last night, Doug Allen’s Big Oil from North Cape May leads in white marlin at 77 pounds, while Effie Mae had the only other qualifier at the minimum of 65 pounds.

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