There was no boat waiting to weigh a potential winner when the MidAtlantic’s scales in Cape May and Ocean City, Maryland opened at 5, but with 114 boats fishing today that should be changing before the 9 p.m. closing. I’ll have an update then.

Fluke fishermen got soaked this morning in some heavy showers that hit the Atlantic Highlands fleet. Fluking conditions also were tougher and results weren’t as good as yesterday.

Capt. Ron Santee said 10-ounce sinkers were required when the current picked up, but there were still some limits up to a 5-pound pool winner on his Fishermen, The Sea Hunter did much better yesterday when a 6.9-pound fluke took over the big pool lead. There were also two 4-pounders and a 5.7.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar also got involved in that rain, though they ended up doing well with blues and some fluke.. Tuesday’s tuna trip worked out well as a dozen and a half were boated on bait and jigs, with a half-dozen lost. The tuna were in the 30-60-pound class.

There was still a big swell on the beach this morning. I saw only three very small blues caught on metal at Bay Head in the breaking waves.

Light winds continue with north at 5-10 knots in the morning before shifting to the south.

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