Though I haven’t received an official summery yet, the major results reported in the blog remain unchanged. There is some question about the 791-pound blue marlin on Shark Byte as there seemed to be a slight mutilation at the tail. The judges will have the final say.

There was also a white marlin that just made the 65-pound minimum. Effie Mae moved into second behind Big Oil’s 77-pounder that was the first fish weighed when the scales opened. There were also several whites which fell short of qualifying.

The 189-pound bigeye by MJ’S is a runaway tuna leader, though there were lots of 50-60-pound yellowfins. A couple of 63-pounders appear to be tied for second. It wasn’t hard to beat yesterday’s 6-pound dolphin, and a 33-pounder on Christine Marie seems to be leading a 32 on No Question. There were no wahoo.

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