Jones Inlet was my first challenge as a young Long Island boater, and has continued to be a problem off and on many times over the years. Surfcasters were making use of the east side yesterday, and Capt. John McMurray says that side isn’t even usable at high tide — though it’s possible to sneak out then on the west side.

Jerry Lasko reported that upwelling from yesterday’s south wind had its effect this morning as the bunkers had disappeared from the Ocean County surf — and no stripers were caught.

Though a small craft advisory is up until late tonight, the weekend looks good. Saturday’s forecast is for east winds at 5-10 knots before going south in the afternoon at 10-15 with gusts to 20.

The Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands is chartered tomorrow, but returns to open bottom fishing Sunday.

Tyman with latest striper release

All reports on striper fishing in Raritan Bay remain very favorable.

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