A south wind is usually bad news for Jersey Shore surfcasters, but Jerry Lasko said it was just the opposite this morning in the Ocean County surf as the biggest striped bass of the fall were within reach and blasting live bunker baits. Jerry Lasko not only had a rare 5 to 4 edge in releases over Maren Toleno, but also the largest at 53 1/2 inches. Unfortunately, he didn’t take the girth of that trophy bass which had to be right around the 50-pound mark that striper pros aspire to. You can’t tell much about a striper’s weight without the all important girth for the formula as there can be as much as a 10-pound difference in bass of the same length.

Fifty-pound stripers are a rarity to begin with, as even surfcasters in such prime areas as Montauk and Block Island are fortunate enough to catch one in a lifetime — which is much more unusual on New Jersey’s sand beaches.

As big as Jerry’s bass was, he also reported that a 63-incher was released in the same area. That one had to be a “50”!

Vinny D’Anton didn’t see any bunkers or giant bass in the Monmouth Cunty surf this morning, but he was happy after his Redfin plug produced three smaller stripers up to a 28-incher.

Capt. Frank Masseria reported bass releases up to 49 inches from his Vitamin Sea out of Keyport while limiting on smaller linesiders with no competition in Raritan Bay.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar is planning to fish for stripers tomorrow. Small craft warnings are up through Friday afternoon, though winds are supposed to drop after midnight — and are forecast at just 10 knots west in the morning.

Maren Toleno with an Ocean County bass before release

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