Fluke fishermen are running out of time this season, though some of the largest are caught just before moving out to spawning grounds far offshore.

Capt. Ron Santee said there was less short action Sunday on his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands when the weather was too nice with a lack of drift in crystal clear waters. A 7 3/4-pound fluke took the pool that day. There was also a 7-pounder reported Sunday on the Big Mohawk from Belmar.

Santee isn’t waiting for the N.J. fluke season to end on Sept. 27 as he’s already having to run beyond his normal fluke range in order to produce. The Fishermen will switch to full day porgy fishing on Wednesday.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported a variety of fish on each drift today. Bluefish and chub mackerel were featured along with some jacks and bonito plus sea bass that had to be released and a big shark that released itself. Since they are on a canyon dolphin trip, the boat won’t be fishing for blues again until Wednesday.

The weather forecast is for southwest winds at 5-10 knots plus morning showers.

Bob Matthews sent the following from Fisherman’s Den in Belmar Marina :

“Lots of bait moving around the rivers and bays, Peanut Bunker,Spearing,Mullet
and some Sandeels.
We will soon see these bait fish migrate to our local surf,then the predatory fish
such as Stripers,Blues,Albies, and Fluke will be on the prowl,be ready.
As for the last few days Mother Nature has hurt the efforts for anglers,boats are
sailing again with mixed results,Fluke fishing is a little slower but still fairly good.
The Blue fishing has been very good,with a heavy mix of mackerel.
Tuna fishermen are venturing out with some good success,Mahi mahi,Cobia and
Wahoo are adding to their trips.
Our local ponds are giving up some very nice Large Mouth Bass and some big Catfish,
some anglers are going to the streams for holdover trout.
Fall is closing in and for many of us the best fishing of the year, see you all
on the hunt for Stripers. “

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