There are a few days so significant that everyone remembers where they were and how they felt — and 9/11 ranks up there with Pearl Harbor and Kennedy’s assassination.

There had been a few giant tuna hooked at the wreck of the Lillian off the northern N.J. Shore, and the legendary Capt. Bob Pisano had to check that out. We left Belmar in a developing northwest wind, and had only started chunking when Pisano heard some radio conversation about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center. I checked out the TV, and though we were out of range we were able to hear some audio. Even the dedicated Pisano felt uneasy about what was going on, and we soon pulled anchor to head back.

We weren’t very far away from the World Trade Center on a straight line, and would have seen the smoke billowing high in the sky if not for the stiff northwester which kept it so low to the ground that we never saw any until almost back to Shark River Inlet. It was quite a while after that before we knew we were under attack — and who the enemy was.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported a good day of bluefishing along with some chub mackerel, a few bonito and little tunny — and a surprise cobia. They have a few spots open on Monday night’s last canyon mahi trip. Reservations are required.

Monday’s weather looks good with south winds at 5-10 knots and 2-4-foot seas. Showers are possible.

Golden Eagle cobia

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