Capt. Freddy Gamboa moved his Andreas Toy up to Raritan Bay over the weekend and did some scouting around which produced the first legal striper from a boat that I’ve heard of. There were no details given on Facebook about that 30-inch catch shown below..

The Ocean Explorer from Belmar got out Monday and had good fishing for some cod and ling.

The marine weather forecast includes a small craft advisory through Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday starts with east winds at 10-15 knots with patchy fog and possible showers before increasing to 20 knot gusts later in the morning.

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  1. Was out today fishing the navesink. For flounder. Once again but we caught three short stripers and a keeper which surprised us water temperatures are still in the low-to-mid 40s but if you fish shallow they range up to 50 55. We only had a couple of flounder bites. Things will change as the water continues to warm and maybe very rapidly in the next couple of weeks. A lot of bunkers up in the river system


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