Though last night’s blog included a report from Carnivore of some action with school stripers in Raritan Bay, Capt. Joe Massa had a different report from My Three Sons at Morgan Marina. Joe hasn’t caught a bass yet, despite running all over the bay.

The good news Sunday was that there were bunkers everywhere and gannets diving. Yet, trolling stretch plugs didn’t produce, nor did drifting worms. Joe didn’t have any marks to work on at the same time in March he was into lots of pre-spawning stripers last year. Water temperatures were only 40 to 45 degrees, and that’s probably the reason the bass are missing. Remember that the winter before last was very mild while last winter was frigid. The bay should warm up this week with milder air temperatures.

The Ocean Explorer from Belmar reported a pick of ling and cod in good conditions Sunday.

The wind forecast has gone up for Tuesday to east at 10-15 knots with gusts to 20. Seas are 4 to 6 feet.

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  1. My brother Dave and I we’re up in the navesink so lots of bunkers breaking not much on them yet but flounder fishing was okay we had three fish in the space of two hours largest was about two and a half pounds. I can only estimate because it was a 17 inch fish we will keep an eye out on the striped bass situation. We know it will break loose probably the first week of April the bunkers that we saw were of the smaller variety no birds on them just breaking


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