Though 73% of those answering the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife survey favored the option of a later but longer fluke season, the Marine Fisheries Council last night decided to retain the same season as last year — May 22 to Sept. 19. That was favored by most South Jersey anglers. More about this tomorrow.

Indoor fishing flea markets return the next two days at Jackson Crossing, N.J. The address is 21 S, Hope Channel Rd., Jackson. Masks are required for the 8-2 event, and there’s a $2 entrance donation to Jersey Coast Anglers for fishing outings for special needs kids and disabled vets. Call 732 859-0020 for info.

A small craft advisory is up through Saturday morning, but northwest winds will be moderating over the weekend. The morning forecast is for northwest at 15 knots with gusts to 25 before dropping to 10-15 knots Sunday morning with only early gusts to 20.

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