After a lot of hard northwest wind, Sunday looks very nice. The marine forecast is for northwest at a mere 5-10 knots and just 2-foot seas or less. As a result, the Ocean Explorer from Belmar will be sailing or cod.

Paul Haertel of the JCAA is still unhapy with the unanimous voe of the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council to adopt the status quo fluke season of May 22 to Sept. 10 instead of the opton of a later-opening that would have provided more fishing days. He noted that most of those attending the meeting favored the longer season as was the case with 725 out of 826 who replied to the state survey. Paul further noted that solid majorities of all sectors wanted the longer season with the exception of fishermen from Atlantic County. That brings up the question of wether there’s any reason to bother responding to surveys or going to Council meetings if their opinions are not valued?

The Jackson Crossing Indoor Fishing Flea Market concludes from 8-5 Sunday at 21 S. Hope Channel Road in Jackson, N.J. Call 732 859-0020 for details. Masks are required.

Chuck Many visited Hilton Head, South Carolina to catch red drum and the small but colorful black drum shown below.

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  1. That’s really galling when the overwhelming majority want one thing and the board just overrides their opinion. You’re right Al, why do they even bother to ask us??? WTF?


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