The MAFMC has recognized the sad state of the bluefish fishery and imposed large catch reductions for 2020 — including just three bluefish for shore fishermen and private boaters while allowing those who fish aboard for-hire vessels to keep five.

Anglers have been protecting the bluefish stocks by releasing the vast majority of their catch ever since the Bluefish Management Plan was enacted. Yet, rather than “bank” all those releases, the Council and ASMFC kept transferring recreational quota to the commercial sector. Now the public will be paying the price for that abuse of the management system which didn’t provide for any such action. I’ll have more about this in future blogs.

Nick Honachefsky has come out with a book that should be of interest to all surfcasters or would-be surfcasters. An autographed copy of The Jersey Surf Diaries can be ordered for $19.95 at

Surfcasting for stripers continued today, though Jerry Lasko said it wasn’t up to yesterday’s great bite. There was a strong west wind which eliminated the white water on the bars which is best for that fishery. The bite was best at sawn and dusk, but poor during mid-day. Jerry released 16 bass, and Maren Toleno had 32.

Vinny D’Anton has seen the Belmar bite die down, but went south to Brick after the morning warmed up and managed to release 12 bass that ranged up to 25 inches.

Though there’s a gale warning up to 6 p.m. for northwest gusts to 40 knots, the forecast for the morning is down to 20-25 knots with gusts to 30.


  1. Good Morning Al,
    Re, Bluefish,
    Thank you for commenting on the Bluefish issue. It seems that the private angler is getting the gaff. Why the discrepancy between private boaters and the for hire folks.


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