The following e-mail from Jerry Lasko tells the story of Ocean County surfcasting today:

“Today was the best day yet. The conditions were favorable light Northeast went on and off all day. Rain on and off all day. The water was clean and plenty of Whitewater. We caught fish throughout both tides. At times we had fish rolling in front of us. A lot of fish today were 24 to 27 inches and nice and chunky. I caught a total of 60. Maren had her best day ever with a total of 104.”

At Belmar, the Big Mohawk didn’t sail today, but will be leaving at 7 a.m. with the west wind forecast. They had good blackfish action on calm Monday with some limits and others with 4-5 keepers. The pool tog was almost 8 pounds. The Ocean Explorer had a similar Monday tog report.
Capt. Stan Zagleski reports he had a good mix of keeper and short blackfish Monday on his Elaine B. II from Bahrs in Highlands.
Small craft warnings are up through Wednesday afternoon, and then go to a gale watch for west winds Thursday.


  1. You had an interesting day with sleet and then some rain mixed in as we headed down the beach and then off towards Scotland. We ran into Birds working near the channel as we came off sure do we give it a couple of jigs to see what’s going on. First attempt down there with a Jiggs came up with mackerel. And my brother then had a Whiting. It was a good size. And a few herring. We drifted out of them and it just a few small Bass but our Target was then Blackfish at Scotland and they did not disappoint. Some sizable fish on Rocky bottoms out there you must dress for the weather if you’re out on a small boat this time of the year. Although I am getting older and feel it more. LOL


  2. 10 hrs = 600 min /104 =1 fish every 5.7 min ??? Really? Then again who cares about someone counting each fish and calling the paper everyday?


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