The weekend should at least start out well as the morning forecast is for west winds at just 10-15 knots. with 2-4-foot seas.

Boaters enjoyed another fine day of striper fishing. Capt. Rob Semkowicz reported good action with shorts and slots plus one over 28 inches on his Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands.  The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported a boat limit of stripers and was in release mode by 11 a.m. They said there were several bass in the 25-30-pound class.

Vinny D’Anton fished several northern Monmouth Count beaches to pick at stripers both early and late in the day — including a release of that surf rarity this fall, a 28 1/2- inch  legal triper.  I tried the Long Branch surf later in the afternoon to catch two small bass quickly on the Tsunami Sand Eel before the bite died as it got toward dusk.

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