There were so few reports today in the cool west wind that I had to reach down to Islamorada in the Florida Keys for a story. Bob Correll of Bay Head, N.J. is staying at Cheeca Lodge, and went out on the pier there to catch whatever might bite. That was only tiny yellowtail snappers, but he took time to mentor an 11-year-old boy from Sweden named Odd Haggard. The youngster was reeling in a snapper when a three-foot shark inhaled it and provided a strong battle on light tackle — until a 7-foot hammerhead ate Odd’s first big American fish in spectacular fashion!

There were no boat reports along the Jersey Shore today, but some should sail tomorrow in somewhat better conditions though there’s still a forecast of NW 15-20 knots with gusts to 25 for Tuesday. Wednesday morning is sounding better with SW 10-15.

Surfcasters were still facing large waves and discolored waters this morning, but that should improve with the west winds.

Grumpy’s Tackle in Seaside Park heard of some bass and blues in the surf by late morning on fresh bunker and metal.

I fished Point Pleasant Canal briefly in the morning. As I walked in there was an angler fighting a fish that appeared to be big. Yet, it turned out to be a 24-inch striper snagged in the side with a jig. I figured if they are that thick even I should be able to catch one. Sadly, that was not the case.



























inexpected strong fight on light tackle. He was doing just fine with his first bi













The youngster was reeling in a little snapper when

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