There wasn’t much fishing today due to the aftereffects of Saturday’s storm. The gusty west winds predicted for tomorrow will also keep most boaters in again, but surfcasters may find some fishable and somewhat clear water.

The Sea Hunter from Atlantic Highlands did get out in the morning for a good start as the first drift produced a keeper bass, and a 27-inch short while a lager bass was lost. Capt. Rob moved around and added got three more keepers. He didn’t see any of the birds on bait and breaking fish that we were hoping for after the NE, but the water was very discolored. He’s staying in tomorrow due to the gusty west winds that will be poor for his fishing area — but will resume on Tuesday. The Big Mohawk and Ocean Explorer from Belmar will do the same, but the Golden Eagle plans to sail.

Bob Matthews at Fisherman’s Den in Belmar Marina said some winter flounder started biting at the docks there today. A few small stripers were jigged today in Point Pleasant Canal.

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