Capt. Dave De Gennaro fished the mid-range offshore areas with his Hi-Flier from Barnegat on the weekend and his party managed to jig a yellowfin tuna before the skipper anchored up to chunk. When a hit came, it didn’t seem like a tuna and the fish soon revealed itself to be a white marlin.  Though presently abundant in Hudson Canyon, whites rarely wander far inshore from the canyon edges.

That white was being fought on relatively light tackle with an Avet reel while Dave continued to chum. He was in for another surprise because a second white was eating every butterfish thrown in the water. At first it wouldn’t take one with a hook in it, but eventually made a mistake — and Hi Flier had an even rarer “inshore double of whites being fought. The original white was released, but the second one broke off.

De Gennaro noted that weakfish still haven’t shown in Barnegat Bay, but there’s lots of action with blowfish which have been of two sizes — tiny and “giant”.

The Shore party boat fleet had another good day with small blues. The Golden Eagle from Belmar started off well jigging before getting into bonito, chub mackerel, fluke and released sea bass. They start night bluefishing on Saturday Sept. 25.

Miss Belmar Princess had good jigging with A-27 diamonds both plain and with red tail for 2-to-4-pound blues north of the inlet. A couple of whales were spotted.

There were two totally different fluke reports from Atlantic Highlands. Capt. Ron Santee said he had his best day of the season on the Fishermen. Gary Long caught fluke of 7.7 and 5.2 pounds plus a 19-incher. Jeff Criswell  had a 6.9-pounder. Santee is chartered Saturday morning, and is worried that the weekend NE forecast could send the fluke offshore before the season closes on Sept. 22.

On the other hand, Capt. Rob Semkewyc had one of those days every skipper dreads as conditions were terrible where he was fishing with the Sea Hunter and only one keeper was caught among the shorts.  There’s never been any question but that Rob tells it like it is — good or bad.

Fluke pro Dave Lilly of Hazlet was incapacitated by a bad back this year and gave others a chance to win fluke tournaments, but got out for the fist time recently to fish with Charlie Parker in the ocean as they caught plenty of large fluke topped by an 8 1/2-pounder for Parker’s son CJ (5).

Capt. Vinny Vetere had another fine day of striper fishing Wednesday with a one-man charter on Katfish from Great Kills as Jim Calvo caught 20 up to 30 pounds. Vetere is open on Sunday.




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Jim Hutchinson Sr, reports: “Labor Day weekend at the New Jersey shore is pretty much the traditional end of summer, but it certainly does not mean the end of summer fishing for the boats of the Beach Haven Charter Association. Rather, the captains are experiencing some of the best fluke fishing of the year as they fish out the final weeks of the fluke season.


To celebrate Labor Day weekend, the Senker Family and AVH Demolition jumped onboard the “Miss Liane” with Captain Ray Lopez for an offshore charter. By mid morning, the Senker’s son reeled in a 50 pound plus bluefin tuna. The bite didn’t end as the eager anglers caught 5 mahi-mahi also. Another day the Crotty family joined Captain Ray for a day of fishing off Barnegat Light doing some bottom fishing. Throughout the day 8 year old Connor caught a keeper fluke for his family and along with numerous black sea bass.


On the boat “Starfish” with Captain Carl Sheppard and mate Marlyn Graham there has been some good fishing for bonito within 2 miles of the beach. They trolled their favorite lures at different depths to score on bonito ranging from 6-8 pounds. The fish have been swimming in with the snapper bluefish along with the mackerel. The water is warm enough for the wildcards from the south.”



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