Chuck Many hosted fishing friends from South Carolina this week on his Tyman for great striper fishing that included not only great numbers of big bass, but also one over 50 pounds.

All of the striper reports I got today were very positive, including the following about yesterday’s trip from Andreas Toy out of Perth Amboy:

“Had George out today and made a long run to some of the best fishing I’ve ever seen. The first two hours it was almost every cast all alone and nearly every fish was over 40 inches. Spooks, metal lips, live bunker it didn’t matter they were hungry. One group of fish hit a spook so hard it hit the transom, fell back in the water and then they hit it before it hit the water. Every live bait on the surface got blown up on within 30 seconds and didn’t stand a chance. No time for pictures as the action was so hot and bass were blowing up around the boat for hours. It is simply impossible for fishing to be any better than this.”

Want to take a long shot at a giant bluefin tuna? Capt. Dave De Gennaro is ready to take a charter or individual reservations on his Hi Flier from Barnegat Light for 45-mile run to the north on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. when there’s an opportunity to troll for a giant if the seas are calm. DeGennaro mated three seasons for the greatest giant tuna skipper of all — the late Capt. Bob Pisano. Call 732 330-5674 for details. If the weather isn’t right, he’ll switch over to local stripers and blues.

Sea bass fishing is also standing up well. The Golden Eagle from Belmar reported slower fishing this morning when the weather was poor, but they ended up with many limits as conditions improved. Bait seemed to have the edge today. The Big Mohawk from Belmar has been enjoying similar action, but is chartered tomorrow.

The forecast is for north winds at just 5-10 knots before going southeast in the afternoon.

I finally got the results from Sunday’s Governor’s Surf Fishing Tournament at IBSP, though I haven’t been able to transfer them. Despite light rain early, the fishing turned out to be pretty good, with over 160 fish measured as bluefish showed up. The Governor’s Cup winner was David Koenigstein of Toms River with a 37 2/8-inch striper and won two rod and reel ombos. His name will be engraved on the Cup. He edged by Kyle Keefer of Montague with a 35 4/8-inch bass. Parker Sowul of Manasquan won the teen bluefish award with a 33-incher, and Kathy Gresko of Robbinsville had a 19 2/8-inch fluke.

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