Though both species have been taking a beating, most trips for both striped bass and black sea bass seem to be producing at least good to very good results.

Live bunkers seem to be the key to success in striper fishing. Even though bunkers are often hard to net, the time spent in obtaining them is worthwhile.

Capt. Frank Masseria provided a shot of his fishfnder to show why striper fishing remains so good on his Vitamin Sea out of Keyport. He also trolled a 51-incher yesterday on a spoon.

The Big Mohawk from Belmar reported slower sea bass fishing today, though there were still plenty of limits with more shorts to go through. They are chartered tomorrow.

The Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands had a beautiful day on the ocean with lots of sea bass, but not many jumbos.

A small craft warning is up tonight, but it drops to northeast at 10 knots by morning before going east in the afternoon.

Kil Song continues to pop up in unlikely places. Now he’s catching bull red drum from a Texas jetty.

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