Since the tautog season closed at the end of April, party boats have had to scratch out some ling while releasing lots of sea bass, or pick at fluke which haven’t been very active in cool bottom waters. From Wednesday through June 19 the limit will be 10 sea bass at a 12 1/2-inch minimum, which shouldn’t be difficult to fill from untapped wrecks. Be sure to check with your favorite skipper before sailing as some set up limited Marathon trips for the opener.

The weather tomorrow looks good in the morning with southwest winds at 10-15 knots increasing to 15-20 plus gusts to 25 in the afternoon.

Nick DiNapoli fished the Monmouth surf yesterday morning on the end of the flood to catch three stripers up to 26 inches with two on bloodworms and one on fresh clams. but still hasn’t come up with a keeper.

The N.J. Division of Fish and Wildlife sent the following reminder:

Today is Opening Day of the 2023 Striped Bass Bonus Program! Anglers can keep one striped bass (at 24” to less than 28”) per permit. Reporting bonus harvest within 24 hours is mandatory.Anglers will be which increase to 15-20 in the afternoon plus gusts to 25.eligible for an additional permit after a harvest report is submitted. Permits issued in 2022 are not valid in 2023.Please visit the Striped Bass Bonus Program webpage to apply and for more information. Reminder to Register: Participation in the free NJ Saltwater Recreational Registry Program is mandatory for all saltwater anglers 16 and older before heading out to fish.striped bass


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