Paul Haertel of the JCAA reported passage of the following N.J. fishing regulations for fluke, sea bass and scup

At their meeting on 3/2/23 the NJMFC set the regulations for sea bass and scup. Once again it became apparent that public sentiment means absolutely nothing. Every single one of the fifteen or so people who spoke, including individuals, representatives from various clubs, charter and party boat captains as well as myself on behalf of JCAA spoke in favor of option 4. Despite that, three representatives on the council voted in favor of Option 1 while one voted against it and the others abstained. Though the fluke regs were set some time ago, I am including them for those who may have missed them.  The sea bass and scup regs will become effective once our DEP Commissioner signs off on them. Therefore, until he does so you can still keep scup.


Fluke – May 2nd through September 27th with a limit of just one fish 18” or greater AND 2 fish from 17-17.99”. The special regulations for Delaware Bay are 3 fish 17” or greater and Island Beach State Park, 2 fish 16” or greater. 

Sea Bass 12 ½” for all seasons 5/17- 6/19 (10 fish), 7/1-8/31 (1 fish), 10/1-10/31 (10 fish) 11/1-12/31 (15 fish)

 Scup 10” for the entire season 8/1-12/31 (30 fish)

A small craft advisory is up through Wednesday afternoon. North winds at 20-25 knots plus gusts to 30 are forecast for the morning.

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