It’s hard to believe that anglers can enjoy what may be some of the best Mid-Atlantic sportfishing of the entire year right now in mid-winter — if they are willing to travel.

Capt. Mark DeBlasio reports from North Carolina that bluefin tuna fishing has been more productive on his Water Proof in the last few days than it was throughout January. That charter boat from N.J. is finishing up its commercial season, and will be taking both charter and open reservations during a period when anglers have their best chance to boat a trophy tuna. They are catching 10-15 tuna under 73 inches while seeking giants, and more recreational-size bluefins are moving in every day. Mark says the 50-85-inch bluefins are best for stand-up fishing or for jig/pop excitement. Call 201 988-5475 for info and reservations.

The following report from Capt. Clinton Lessard about yesterday’s

striper trolling off Cape Charles, Va. fishing sums it up.:”What a day with Chuck Tyman Manny 16 Bites today, Crazier, 10 fish boated, 3 over 50 pounds. 2 Hooks in one fish. Nuts. Watched a rockfish play with planer board for 20 seconds. Hard to beat a day like today but we dam sure gonna try again on Thursday. Crazy we had 25 bites the last two days. . 757-710-0098

The Ocean Explorer from Belmar reported good Tuesday blackfishing despite some drizzle and sleet on a calm ocean. There were lots of shorts, and some keepers turned on late.

The forecast is for west winds at 5-10 knots before going southwest at 15-20 knots plus gusts to 25 in the afternoon.

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