Last night’s blackfish photo from N.J. was impressive, but was blown away today by a potential woman’s world record tautog boated by Jen Zuppe on Capt. Kane Bounds Fish Bound from Ocean City, Maryland. That tog (see below) was weighed at Sunset Marina at an official 23.4 pounds!

Though the IGFA only recognizes a single all-tackle record for tautog, they do have separate line class categories for men and women. Jen was using 30-pound line, but manufacturers often spool lines heavier than the printed breaking strength on the label. However, Jen’s tog should be the record on either 30-pound or 50-pound.

The all-tackle record of 28 pounds, 11 ounces was taken by Ken Westerfeld on Jan. 15, 2002 from the same charter boat. Ironically, Ken was aboard today as other trophy tog to 16 pounds were caught.

To make the day even more special, there were also limits of blackfish up to 18 pounds taken today aboard Chasin’ Tides out of the same port.

A gale warning goes up at 6 p.m. and continues through Friday morning in NY/NJ Bight. Friday’s forecast is for southwest winds at 20-25 knots with gusts to 30 plus 7-10-foot seas and rain. A clearing northwest follows on Saturday.

Vinny D’Anton continues to release 3-4-pound bluefish with his Chug Bug at Sarasota, Fl., but notes that it’s strictly a dawn bite that shuts off at sunrise.

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