Sorry about missing the last couple of blogs, but there was a problem with publishing on Word Press that I hope has been rectified.

Reports from the trophy striped bass eel trolling at Cape Charles continue to be outstanding.

SHO-NUF actually got off to a slow start today as bites didn’t start until after 12. Then they released eight out of nine hits up to a 53-pounder. Surprisingly, four were unusually small for this fishery as they were under 33 inches — though the other four were all over 42 inches. That boat will continue chartering as long as the fishing holds up this month. Call 757-710-0098.

Vinny D’Anton got down to Sarasota this week, and started off his wade fishing by getting into 3-4-pound bluefish on his Chug Bug.

The NY/NJ Bight weather forecast remains good with northwest 5-10 knot winds in the morning before increasing to 10-15 plus gusts to 20 in the afternoon.

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