The great fishing for trophy stripers continues out of Cape Charles,Virginia. , where Capt. Clinton Lessard has been trolling 50-pounders regularly before placing Gray Fish tags in them and releasing them to spawn in a couple of months.

Though 50-pounders are almost routine, a couple of days ago one of the six bass released almost made the 60-pound mark which is difficult to achieve even among those fish heavy with roe. Lessard has only two open days left in his season — Jan. 1 and 10. Call him at 757-710-0098.

N.J. blackfishing has been good, and Capt. Ralph Leyrer has spots open on his Last Lady from Belmar both Sunday and Monday. Call 732 988-8907.

Mike Monte pounded the Monmouth County surf the last six mornings without a hit despite the presence of loons feeding on sand eels. He’s hanging up his rod and returning to Nantucket.

During many years of surfcasting in the N.J, surf I usually was able to pick a small bass or two blind casting throughout December, and often to the end of January. However, I never was able to get one on February. It was never good, but it was hard to give up the season completely.

The wind forecast is 5-10 knots south with a chance of fog.

SHO-NUF bass

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