Mike Monte reported no life in the still rough Monmouth County surf as he cast both Tsunami Sand Eels and tin squids, but he did get word about an Ocean County angler catching a legal striper that had a stomach full of sand eels.

Monte did see gannets diving well out of range from Belmar to Long Branch — a likely indication of herring which could attract another run of big bass. Herring often move into the surf at dusk where their flashes can be spotted

Fisher Price IV from Highlands wound up charter fishing for stripers with an early pick of schoolies to fill a limit plus a few releases for the open boat trip before the bass got lockjaw and wouldn’t hit anymore even as they continued marking. They will switch to blackfishing before concluding the season on Jan. 1.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar is set to sail for stripers at 7:30 in what may be their last trip for that species.

A small craft warning is up through Wednesday afternoon. The forecast is for northwest winds at 15-20 knots plus gusts to 25 before it’s back to east at the same speeds on Thursday.

Blackfish like this one hooked by Lou Castellano will be the featured inshore species this month.

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