The best fall striper season has suddenly ended for Capt. Ron Santee on the Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands. He wraps it up as follows:

“FISHERMEN/The Fat lady has Sung!!

 Created: Monday, 05 December 2022 15:34 Written by Capt. Ron

Today was our last trip for the 2022 Season, the fat lady has sung!

Spent the last two days running all over the ocean trying to find a decent bite and only landing a handful of fish. The Bait & fish moved South over the past couple of days and it’s just out of reach for us.

The past 6 1/2 weeks were without a doubt the best fall fishing I have ever seen, for all those who got to par-take, some many times, we were all blessed.

Thank you so much to all my awesome customers for the support not only this season but all the seasons past, you guys and gals make me who I am.

I couldn’t do it without the Best crew on the Jersey Shore though…..Joey, Robbie, Jimmy (Bro),Capt. Dan and the Queen who keeps me in check! The love for the game keeps us all going.

Have a Great Christmas & Happy New Year. 

Whlle it may be over for a northern party boat operation, I would be surprised if all of the bait and striped bass has migrated south so suddenly with water temperatures still relatively mild. I suspect that charter and private boaters will continue to find shots of action for some time to come, and a pick of bass in the northern always occurs into the New Year.

Meanwhile, the southern surf bite continued yesterday for Nick Honachefsky on a surf charter that included a 45-inch release. See photo below.

Unfortunately, I just got a call from Jerry Lasko about the Ocean County surf action falling apart this morning as the bait didn’t come in and the few fish caught were under 20 inches. Jerry did see some terns working offshore, and hopes the bait may come in before dark.

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