Jerry Lasko reports that surfcasters were still catching blitzing bass as the south wind was honking at dusk in the Ocean County surf as peanut bunkers were jumping onto the sand in their panic to get away. Most of the bass were in the 20-25-inch range with a few bigger ones included. For the first time, those bass also hit on the incoming in the morning, but the blitz was on the afternoon ebb. Maren Toleno was up to 73 releases at last count as the bass hit white Tsunami shads. These are all migratory bass as they are covered with sea lice. That report was a lot better than Vinny D’Anton’s from the Monmouth County surf which has produced only a pick lately though peanut bunkers remain abundant.

Party boats seem to have taken a day off due to the weather forecast, but all should be back in action tomorrow with a forecast of northwest at 20-25 knots plus gusts to 30 which should calm the seas somewhat and provide a lee under the beach.

The most exciting way to catch stripers is on a pencil popper as Allen Gonzalez did with this Jersey surf bass

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