Striped bass bit all day for anglers on the Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands, but Capt. Ron Santee said it was really wild during the last 45 minutes with fish breaking all around the boat –“and they were really hungry!” A 30-pounder won the pool, and there was also a 45-inch release. Santee isn’t fishing on Thanksgiving.

At Belmar, Capt. Alan Shinn reported the Royal Miss Belmar was limited with bass soon after its 6 a.m. departure, and Miss Belmar Princess had similar results.

The Big Mohawk had limit striper catches the previous day as they wound up that season before switching to blackfish with the Thanksgiving Day trip from 6:30 to 2:30.

Vinny D’Anton said striper fishing in the Monmouth County surf was just a pick in the morning, though Frank Manzi caught a 30-incher. Vinny moved to the north in early afternoon to get into a better bite of mostly 22-inch class bass. He’s been doing best with “walk the dog” surface lures.

The forecast is for northeast at just 5-10 knots before going southeast in the afternoon.



  1. Al, there were lots of peanuts in the surf at Sandy Hook this afternoon, but not a lot of bass on them. I caught two, both on the same cast. 32 inch fish on the teaser, 30 inch fish on the shad. I thought I had a big one.

    Is there a way to send pictures? I can’t figure it out.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Your reports on Bass emphasize Rariton Bay. Would be helpful for more information on daily bite north or south of Squan or Shark River inlets. Thanks


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