Dave Lily has been fishing in Shrewsbury River all his life, but he’s never seen anything like what’s been happening since yesterday as there are stripers feeding all the way from the Sea Bright Bridge to Buoy 2 — which he estimates to be about four miles! Best of all, they are all legal bass, mostly in the 30-inch range. Lilly says they are feeding on something very small, and ignore large lures. Yet, they hit anything small.

Ironically, the Golden Eagle from Belmar had exactly the opposite experience in the ocean today as they saw bass on top and read them on the fishfinder — but they wouldn’t hit. Only a few bass were boated. That boat will be taking a pass tomorrow due to the weather.

A small craft advisory is up for from this evening to Wednesday afternoon. The forecast is for north winds at 15 to 20 knots with possible morning showers and 4-6-foot seas before going southwest in the afternoon.

Jim Gilmore was in on that surf striper blitz in Sandy Hook yesterday, and noted that there were rods bent everywhere up into Monmouth County. He only measured one 30-incher that he took home, but estimates the bass were from 24 to 32 inches as he released 15 to 20 of them. The bass were on peanut bunkers. Surfcasters from southern areas had to make an unusual drive north to get in on the bite.

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