Anglers who have been enjoying great striped bass fishing in NY/NJ Bight with summer-like temperatures got a dose of reality today.

Capt. Ron Santee said temperatures were dropping all day even as his fares on the Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands were catching lots of 30-34-inch bass with very few small ones among them. He had to run-and-gun with all the boat traffic, but the results were worth it. Santee suggests anglers should dress warm for tomorrow!

The Golden Eagle from Belmar didn’t have to go far from the inlet this morning for lots of stripers that hit pretty much anything cast to them. See photo below.

Vinny D’Anton got into a few school stripers this morning in the Monmouth County surf as the waters started to clear. With the cold front in place, he expects the overdue fall surf run to begin at a higher level tomorrow.

Small craft warnings are up through late tonight as northwest winds to 30 knots continue. The morning forecast has that wind dropping to 15-20 — and then to just 10-15 in the afternoon.

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