the one sure thing on even a marginal weekend during the fall striper run is that they’ll be plenty of boat traffic.

Capt. Ron Santee had to make many moves with only a pick of legal stripers before getting into some surfacing bass with his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands after the change of tide and going into overtime to put a catch together. There was a high hook of seven, and the pool bass was 36 inches.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar found stripers on top when they started in the morning, but boat traffic kept putting them down. Some keeper stripers were caught — and “overs” released.

Winds move to the northwest tomorrow at just 5 knots, but patchy fog is predicted –which is very unusual when the wind is northwest .

Golden Eagle striper

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  1. Hi Al hope you are well. Have not been fishing since summer recovering a foot injury but gave it a shot this weekend trying to catch some Stripers in Monmouth County wash. Saturday tried fresh Bunker at incoming and outgoing tide with no bites. Sunday tried fresh bunker again but brought a dozen Jumbo Bloods. Yes you guessed it, after switching to the Blood on out going tide started getting bites. Caught 23 and 24 inch shorts but plenty of hits in between.

    Nick from Ocean Monmouth County


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