The opportunity to catch big stripers in the Jersey surf is rare, but many large bass have been in those waters the last couple of days. The problem is that they’re on big schools of bunkers and that’s all they seem to want in the surf.

Surf pro Jerry Lasko said every bass he’s seen caught in the Ocean County surf have been on live bunkers, which wouldn’t have been a problem last year. Just cast a weighted snag hook into the bunkers, snag one, and let the bunker swim until a bass finds it. However, that method of fishing was outlawed last year as circle hooks became a requirement for stripers in order to lower hooking mortality and preserve the spawning stocks. As a result, to be legal you’ll have to reel in the snagged bunker and transfer it to a large circle hook rig.

This appears to be an all-release fishery at present since all those surf bass on bunkers appear to be well over legal size. However, there’s a great opportunity for anglers to enjoy a memorable battle and set a personal record. Boaters were out in force, and catching bass on both the bunkers and by trolling bunker spoons. To top it off, there’s the feeding show being put on by whales.

Marin Tolino released this 37-inch striper in Ocean County.

The forecast is for west winds at just 10-15 knots with gusts to 20 and 2-3-foot seas.

The following report was just submitted by the Golden Eagle out of Belmar: “

We saw STRIPERS on the fish finder and in the baitfish today and hoped they would have cooperated a little more but WE DID CATCH SOME FISH AND THE ONES WE CAUGHT WERE HUGE! The largest fish went 48”! The STRIPERS were at pretty much all the stops we made and we also saw three whales eating the baitfish. Everyone had a good time.

We will be STRIPER fishing tomorrow so check out the pictures below, make your reservations and come on down.

It was DECENT fishing for BLUES last night with a solid pick of mostly BIG FISH that were 6 to 12 lbs.! Some people also had their limit of SEA BASS.

There are a couple spots open on the MONDAY, OCT. 10TH 23-HOUR CANYON TUNA TRIP that departs at 4:30pm and returns the next day around 3:00pm. Fishing was good out in the canyons this weekend so it should continue for Monday’s trip. This is an exciting trip for anyone who wants to do some offshore fishing. If you don’t have the gear, you can rent it from us and the crew will get you all set you up.”


  1. It did say ocean county yesterday. Big bass, most over the limit

    Missus de iPhone

    Gerard Fritz, M.D. Somerset Pediatric Group



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