The striped bass of a lifetime could be feeding in surf that’s almost impossible to fish in, but be very careful as the backwash from waves hitting northern beaches is formidable and can sweep you off your feet in an instant.

This shot by the great photographer Mike Laptew looks enticing, though any fish which may be hooked would have to worked in close enough to have it cast up on the beach from the top of a wave. You’re welcome to fish in my spot!

The gale warning extends to Tuesday afternoon, with northeast winds at 25-30 knots plus gusts to 35 and 9-12-foot seas. Showers are likely.

As this storm is expected to continue until Wednesday night, Capt. Ron Santee won’t be returning to porgy fishing until Friday with his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands.

Tank Matraxia sent along this shot of a jumping fish that a relative took in Jupiter, Florida. If it was from the north, I’d say it’s of a bluefin tuna since they often show close to shore. However, bluefins are rare that far south — and blackfins are both smaller and offshore schooling fish. Any ideas?

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