Though the hurricane came ashore near us in Ft. Myers, Kathy and I hunkered down to wait it out. The winds blasting our hurricane shutters were fierce, but there didn’t seem to be much of the predicted rain. Indeed, when we emerged in the morning there wasn’t even a puddle on the roads. Some trees were uprooted, but the ponds didn’t flood. Since our home is miles inland of the Gulf, we didn’t have to worry about the tidal surge which is what caused most of the deaths and destruction.

After the power went out, I was unable to blog. Fortunately, that was restored this morning. Thanks to all those who reached out to me after hearing about the almost complete destruction of nearby Ft. Myers Beach.

Anglers in NY/NJ Bight are dealing with what’s left of the storm today, and that will make fishing difficult until at least Wednesday night. Small craft warnings advance to a gale warning for Sunday with 25-30-knot northeast winds plus rain.


  1. Al,
    Joe from the (Union Co) Cranford, NJ area and very glad to see you and your family made it out of the storm ok as you know, a lot others were not so lucky but my thoughts were with you and your family as I’ve been reading your column for more than 30yrs now and hoped I would hear something from you in the Blog here soon so again, I’m glad you made it though the storm ok.

    Take Care of yourself and family down there too and Thanks for all the yrs putting this Salt Water Report out I really appreciate it as always ok!

    Joe in Cranford, NJ


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