Though Ian is coming, Fiona didn’t bother mariners too much.

Jay Mann’s photo of yesterday’s surf at LBI wasn’t duplicated today as swells from Hurricane Fiona settled quickly. Vinny D’Anton reported it was very fishable at Spring Lake, and a 30-inch striper hit his Super Striper popper. Some mullet schools are being spotted, but so far there haven’t been any bass on them. Vinny also tried sand fleas briefly without any success.

Fluke pro Dave Lilly turned his attention to striped bass today and caught them in N.Y. Harbor on live eels — though all were too big to keep. Lilly noted that there are hardly any boats fishing even in ideal weather.

A small craft advisory is up to late Saturday even though the forecast is for only southwest at 10-15 knots by morning before going south at 15-20 in the afternoon with showers.

Capt. Ron Santee had a charter out today on his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands and reported very good action with large porgies plus a few triggerfish. He’ll be running open again in the morning.

Chuck Many is catching red drum in S.C. This previously used shot popped up when I tried to run a new one.

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