Though Monday’s Exotics trip of the Queen Mary from Point Pleasant was primarily aimed at little tunny and bonito, Frank Huza of Aberdeen was happy to also get a shot at a 40-50-pound bluefin tuna — even though it broke off under the boat.

Frank says they ran 26 miles northeast to get into the action which produced a little tunny for him as well as the lost tuna. He noted that the most effective lure was a Nomad 40-60 gram Streaker. There were three tuna boated and others lost. Anglers with the most sophisticated tackle were most successful.

Capt. Ron Santee said the weather was beautiful and large porgies bit better today along with a few triggerfish, a bluefish and a 4-pound pool-winning fluke. At least 50 legal-size but out of season sea bass had to be released. His Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands is chartered on Saturday,

Tomorrow is looking good for getting offshore with a forecast of northwest winds at 5-10 knots. Big swells will be coming as the hurricane far offshore moves north – but shouldn’t be seen until tomorrow night and then into Saturday.

Chuck Many is back at Hilton Head, S.C. and into lots of red drum.

Jamaca skipper Howard Bogan and Vanessa Bogan Manetta with a very large chub mackerel.

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