With light winds in the forecast, NY/NJ Bight boaters should be able to enjoy light tackle fishing for blues and porgies. while fluke are still in the picture to the east — and yellowfin tuna have been pretty consistent offshore.

At Belmar, the Golden Eagle didn’t have to anchor at all as 2-3-pound blues were jigged steadily on long drifts. Run-Off poppers were also very effective. The Big Mohawk has been finishing up fluking, but is chartered the next two days before going into dry dock Monday.

Capt. Ron Santee saw an improvement in porgy fishing on his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands, and also noted that several large triggerfish up to 4 pounds were added to the catch. The volume of small sea bass and porgies stealing bait is a problem. The Fishermen is chartered Saturday.

The forecast is for east winds at just 5-10 knots with a shift to southeast in the afternoon.

Vinny D’Anton continues to pick away at school stripers in the Monmouth County surf, and even hooked a 32-incher this morning on a MirrOlure. That lure would be a good choice with mullet around, but Vinny hasn’t seen them at all so far.

Nick Honefchesky is offering the new Barrier Islands Beach Brawl t-shirt free to anyone signing up for the Oct. 7-8 event today at saltwaterunderground.com.

Lars Shuster took over the boat fly rod lead for little tunny in the Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Derby with this 11.8-pounder. Bob Correll got into a few surf blues in the 5-pound class on poppers, but the Derby leaders are around 12 pounds.


  1. Hey Al love your Posts read them Daily live in North Carolina now use to fish and see you in Island Beach Jersey keep them Coming


    1. Hey Al thanks for getting back to me no good Stripers here just drum some founder gets harder as we age but got to keep going fishing always Fun


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