It was “All the mahi you wanted” fishing during Monday’s canyon trip on the Golden Eagle from Belmar. Most were in the 5-10-pound class while a few were in the teens — along with some from 30-35 pounds. It was a lot different today on the inshore bluefish trip as only one small dolphin was boated among a good showing of 2-3-pound blues and a 5-pound pool-winning little tunny.

Capt. Ron Santee said he barely had enough fares to sail his first porgy trip of the season, but wanted to do some exploring in any case. That wasn’t very successful due to a roaring current, though there were some triggerfish boated. A move put them into some big porgies, but out-of-season sea bass were beating them to the clam baits. Santee will continue with the porgy fishing, but is not available on Saturday.

The forecast has improved considerably. Instead of gusty north winds, it’s now north at 10-15 knots.

It’s not often that a charter boat can make a half-day yellowfin trip, but that’s what Shore Catch did from Manasquan Inlet on Monday as they left at noon, loaded up on yellowfins by 4, and were drinking cocktails in port by 5.

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