Though most boaters cancelled NY/NJ Bight trips today and small craft warnings are up through Saturday afternoon, it’s only the 4-6-foot seas which seem to be a problem as the morning forecast is for northwest winds at 5-10 knots.

Capt. Frank Masseria of Vitamin Sea at Keyport said the previously good fluke fishing was tougher in northeast winds and a big swell, but should be fine by Sunday when he has availability.

Bigeye tuna caught on a recent canyon trip of Water Proof from Pt. Pleasant

Capt. Dave DeGennaro of Hi Flier at Barnegat had bluefin tuna action on his last trip as his party went 4 for 6 baiting 40-60-pounders on relatively light tackle. Dave notes that there’s still good weakfishing in calm waters of Barnegat Bay when the weather isn’t right for offshore trips.

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