I fished for tuna in the Atlantic for decades from Maryland to east of Block Island without ever losing one to a shark attack until a school bluefin run off northern New Jersey a few years ago. when it was almost impossible to get a school bluefin to the boat without a shark attack,. Yet, when a yellowfin run developed at the Triple Wrecks a few weeks later there was no problem just a bit further offshore. Unfortunately, that’s not the case this summer as I’m getting reports of sharks forcing yellowfin anglers to change locations rather than trying to fight off sharks.

The latest report came from Capt. Derek Bielitz on Fisher Price IV from Highlands, which was the boat I experienced the bluefin slaughter on while joining Chuck Many’s charter. Fortunately, there are summer offshore alternatives such as light tackle casting to school dolphin at lobster pot buoys, and deep drops for tilefish.

Surprisingly. I haven’t heard of shark attacks on even large little tunny such as this one held by Capt. John McMurray. Maybe the sharks have heard they’re not good eating!

At Atlantic Highlands, Capt. Ron Santee had a good start fluking with his Fishermen as Mrs. Kim took the pool with a fluke just short of 5 pounds. However, a south wind came up and the bite declined. With a west wind at 10-15 knots, that shouldn’t be a problem tomorrow.

The Prowler 5 got good drifts on sticky bottoms during Saturday’s trip as a Pa, angler boated one of those rare doormats at 11.99 pounds. They also had a 9.8-pounder, a 7 and two 6-pound fluke.

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