Dave Lilly was fishing for fluke over the weekend in a tournament when he was shocked to start catching large weakfish in 70-foot depths where he released four. Dave was using whole squid, and the weaks were in such unusually deep waters that they had filled air bladders sticking out of their mouths. Those bladders can be pricked with the point of the hook so the fish has a chance of survival when released.

Lilly is the most consistent fluke prize winner in northern New Jersey, but he worked his favorite spots in Ambrose under perfect conditions without catching a fluke over 3 pounds.

There was better news today from Capt. Ron Santee of the Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands as follows: “

I wouldn’t call it a banner day but for those who could work it, they got it done with the keepers.

Gregg “Hit-man”did his thing landing a double limit along with the pool fish at 6 pounds three ounces, fishing next to Lou who is leading the Monthly pool with a 6 pound 5 ounce fish!

Couple customers had their three by days end, many had two, all quality fish.

Not easy fishing the sticky stuff, bait fishing has been the ticket but the die hard jiggers seem to want to prove me wrong……

Back at it in the AM sailing 7:30AM…Open Boat, No Reservations just come on down. Fare is $90

The Queen Mary from Point Pleasant reported September fishing is upon us as little tunny have shown up to join the bluefish which bite most days.

I haven’t been able to obtain final results from the White Marlin Invitational, but will try again tomorrow.

The captains meeting for the MidAtlantic is finishing up, and there should be a big fleet running to the canyons tomorrow. The inshore forecast is for southeast at 10 knots with a possibility of showers and thunderstorms.

Joey Leggio said NY cobia schools were scattered, but he got this one and a couple were lost


  1. Captain Al, exactly 40 years ago this Summer, I recall going out to the Ambrose channel and catching loads of weakfish at night, usually on jig heads dressed with tubes (tiger-tails) or tipped with Mann’s Stingray grubs. Sandworms worked as well. As I recall the fishing was best on moonless nights, and this lasted from July through early September. By mid-September, Raritan Bay was flooded with alligator blues, and that put an end to the weakfish run.


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