Will the MD. poor be moving to Cape May for the MidAtlantic?

Major fishing tournaments have long been providing fish brought in for weighng to Food Banks . Marlin are perfectly edible, but nothing special. However, entrants also frequently leave their tuna as well. The recent White Marlin Open was a terrible one for marlin, though bigeye tuna saved the contest. Large bigeyes are very valuable as the Japanese desire them almost as much as giant bluefins. Yet, MJ’s and some other boats donated their bigeyes to the Food Bank. As a result, “poor” people in Ocean City were dining on bigeyes that would probably sell for over $50 a pound if you could find them at a fish store.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar fished for fluke and sea bass today, but only had a pick in the big swell.

The Jamaica from Brielle reported anglers had all the chub mackerel they wanted plus some sea bass and fluke — while a few managed the five bluefish limit.

The Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands reported a somewhat reduced swell and a decent pick of fluke. A couple of fares managed their three keepers.

Vinny D’Anton said the Monmouth County surf was discolored this morning, but he and Sea Girt pro Frank Conover got into small stripers the previous morning by dropping down to the smaller Redfin swimmer.

The small craft warning comes down at 6p.m. The forecast is for west winds before becoming southwest with gusts to 20 knots in the afternoon.

Following are the results of the JCAA Heavy Hitters Fluke Tournament from Paul Haertel:

We had a total of 35 boats in the tournament of which two boats fished on Thursday, four on Friday, eleven on Saturday and eighteen on Sunday. Sunday was the day that participants could have won 25 k for the largest fluke caught over 12 lbs. The insurance that we paid for that prize really ate into our profit but at least we did make a small profit.

Gerard Scarano and his crew were the big winners in the tournament. They had the largest fluke in the tournament at 6.5 lbs that was caught by Marc Atlas. They swept the single fluke Calcuttas as well as the three fish Calcuttas with a total 16.3 lbs. They won a total of $7,775 which is very good for a tournament with only 35 boats. Greg Ryback came in second with a 6.3 lb fluke and Kevin Cole was third with 6.11 lb fluke. Fourth place went to Jerry Posterino with a 5.81 lb fluke caught by Dick Larson and Jay Lemelin took the fifth and final prize with a 5.54 lb fluke.

Amazingly, Jake Jakubik won both sea bass Calcutttas and took home a total of $2,363 for his 2.2 lb sea bass!

JCAA Tournament Chairman


Chuck Many continues to find largemouth bass in his salt ponds at Hilton Head, SC

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