Though I watched the White Marlin Open Marlin Cam virtually from beginning to end on Friday, I missed the only big money catch of that generally disappointing final day when I switched to get my blog out. There were no tournament leaders listed all night, and I never heard a mention of the 77.5-pound white marlin which took over first for Billfisher and won a record 4.4 million payoff.

C-Student, which had been first with a 71 1/2-pounder, dropped to a “mere” $120.000. The big fish of the contest also did well as Cabana’s 511-pound blue marlin was all alone in that division and was worth $960,000.

The hotly contested tuna division was topped by Southern C’s with a 247.5-pound bigeye which moved them ahead of Big Stick by just one pound. That resulted in $940,000 while Big Stick received just $100,000. The payouts depend on how many Calcuttas are entered — and Billfisher was in all of them. Komotose was third in tuna for $320,000.

I’ll have more about the WMO winners tomorrow.

At Belmar, The Golden Eagle’s canyon trip produced “some” yellowfin tuna and many others were lost as they were 60-80-pounders. There were also some dolphin, including one that was about 20 pounds. There’s room on Monday night’s inshore exotics trip by reservation.

The Jamaica from Brielle reported customers on Friday caught all the chub mackerel they wanted plus a few sea bass.

At Point Pleasant, the Queen Mary had shots of larger blues on Friday, though the fishing wasn’t up to Tuesday’s hot bite on poppers.

The Mimi VI has an opening on a Aug. 17 canyon trip limited to 10 at a cost of $320. Call 732 370-8019 for reservations. Sunday’s forecast is for west winds at 5 knots before going south in the afternoon.

Oliver McMurry with his first yellowfin tuna caught on a popper after his father had a cancellation and took his son out instead. Oliver had a broken foot, but fought the tuna unaided.

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