The bigeye tuna blast during the first day of the White Marlin Open was duplicated today, but the only two white marlin brought in didn’t meet the double standard of at least 70 inches in length and 70 pounds.

The bigeye blast started with Big Stick taking over first and a potential payout of $1,200,000 while First day hero Dante Soriento on MJ’s from Beach Haven moved up again with a 230.5-pounder that could be worth $100,000 before being pushed back to third when Big Stick weighed a 246.5-pounder Yet, Southern C’s arrived with a 247.5-pounder to lead for the big money.

There were also changes in dolphin as Jeb took over second at 28 pounds, while Jenny Poo jumped into first in wahoo at 71 pounds.

There will be lots of boats out the next two days to seek out the biggest money for white and blue marlin before the Friday evening conclusion.

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