The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Council reports that the Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Law Enforcement is recognized for its outstanding efforts to control illegal harvest of Atlantic striped bass from Raritan Bay and its tributaries. New Jersey Conservation Police Officers from both the inland and marine regions throughout the state were involved with the operation across New Jersey’s portion of the watershed. In December 2021, more than 200 summonses were issued and more than 500 illegal striped bass were confiscated. Efforts continued throughout the spring of 2022. From early March to the middle of May 2022, approximately 4,000 inspections were conducted over the course of 650 patrol hours within Raritan Bay, Newark Bay, Arthur Kill, and the Hudson River. These efforts resulted in over 300 summonses being issued for violations including undersized fish, over the limit catch, fishing during the closed season, and interference with the duties of a conservation officer. When possible, some of the seized fish were donated to food banks, while others were submitted to New Jersey Bureau of Marine Fisheries for the collection of biological data. The dedication and commitment of the Bureau’s Conservation Police Officers to the enforcement of sustainable fisheries regulations is truly worthy of recognition.”

Capt. Ron Santee reported a big improvement in drifting conditions and shots of greater volume and fluke on his Fishermen from Atlantic Highlands. Several fares had two or three keepers, and the pool went to a 6-pounder.

The Golden Eagle from Belmar anchored for a hot bite of chub mackerel in the chum slick while adding some limits of blues along with some bonito and sea bass. Sand tiger and blacktip sharks were also present. That boat is chartered on Friday.

Capt. Dave Riback posted the best party boat tuna report I’ve received so far as his Queen Mary from Point Pleasant limited on bluefin tuna up to 44 inches and had yellowfins up to 66 pounds this week. Pete Ziemba was high hook as he jigged all day to catch six bluefins to 42inches plus a yellowfin. There was a pick of bluefins early, and flat line bait fishing was best from 10:30 to 1.

Andreas Toy had to leave the whales and boat traffic on a recent trip to follow rays which produced four yellowfins in the pop and jig mode.

Paul Haertel of the JCAA and his sons ran off
from Barnegat Inlet o catch the sea bass presently allowed before getting into dolphin.
Grumpy’s Tackle in Seaside Park weighed this 2.8-pound triggerfish for Christian who caught it on a white Gulp.

Friday’s forecast is for southwest winds of 5-10 knots with a chance of afternoon showers or thunderstorms.

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